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menstrual products for folks in need.

All Cycles - Seattle, WA

Our Beneficiaries

posted on Sunday, June 5th, 2016 at 9:01 PM

We are always adding new organizations to our list, if you know of a group that serves Seattle’s homeless and is inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ population, tell us about them! Email allcyclesseattle (at)

20K Menstrual Products Donated to Seattle folks in need!

posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 8:30 PM

Well… almost…

We set out on our second donation drive with the loft goal of collecting 10,000 pads and tampons to donate to Seattle folks in need. This number was double what had been donated in the inaugural drive this past fall — but we figured, why not dream big!? Well the generous people of Seattle must dream even bigger, cause All Cycles supporters brought almost double that! We now have 19,489 pads and tampons, 5105 body wipes and 338 pairs of underwear in our inventory to distribute to Seattle folks in need. WOW! We are so grateful for our supporters! We love you all.


This unexpected windfall of product means we will be making multiple donation drops this time around. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on the wonderful organizations and Seattle people your donations will be benefitting.

All Cycles First Community Event Was A Success!

posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 at 5:16 PM

On Saturday, February 13th 2015, we hosted our first official All Cycles event! The Red Party took place at Common AREA Maintenance an art space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood where we invited supporters to show up dressed in RED so that we could give our thanks to our amazing community.

The evening was made possible by the team of folks who donated their time and talents — including DJ Blazon Stone who kept a steady stream of 90’s R&B, 70’s Funk and 60’s Soul music jamming, Patty Hinkle who baked 2 of the most beautiful and delicious cakes you could imagine and Jenn Andrea who was snapping her camera in the photo booth and capturing the lovely faces of our guests throughout the night. Additionally we had some candid photography by Hanna Swanson, a Keg of Abigale Blonde Ale donated from Counter Balance Brewing Co. and Raffle Prizes from over 20 Seattle businesses with prizes valuing at over $1000. Holy Crap!

We saw 70 of All Cycles most beloved supporters come out and take part in the evenings festivities, we polished off 10 bottles of wine before the party was half over. We sold 2 of these beautiful All Cycles tote bags (made by supporter, Rachael Brooks) and still have 1 left, if you’d like it ($25.) We got lots of smiles, shared laughs and hugs and added $1120 for our Tampon Fund!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday and to all of you who played a roll in making The Red Party so much fun! Thank you to all of the businesses who generously gave tickets, gift certificates and gift bags to our raffle and thank you to C.A.M. for opening their doors to us and our community! WE LOVE YOU ALL! 

Donation Guidelines and Suggestions for All Cycles Supporters

posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 10:44 PM

Some of our most generous supporters are people who do not currently or have never had a menstrual cycle! We know that if the Menstrual Products aisle is overwhelming for us period havers, it must be even more of a mystery to those who don’t regularly purchase these items.

For those who need a little extra guidance on what to include in your donation to All Cycles, here is a simple breakdown of the many products and varieties out there and what we love to receive the most!

PadsPhoto Sep 21, 12 03 48 PM

  • Unscented: The perfumes used in some pads can irritate the skin.
  • Long Wear or ‘Overnight’ Protection: The best is when you can find 8 Hour+ Pads that are still thin. Always™ makes a couple varieties that give many hours of protection without being too bulky!

  • Regular: The next best thing to long wear pads is Regular. Skip over the “pantyliners”
  • Wings or No Wings: Either are great. These are mainly a personal preference.
  • Long Pads: These are great! Long pads are often needed by folks with larger bodies.
  • All Natural/Organic: These are wonderful, but pricey. If you have the means to donate these, they will be appreciated — but we value donations of all types and price points equally.
  • Opened Packages: We can accept opened packages of Pads as long as the pads themselves are individually wrapped.


  • Photo Oct 22, 6 42 53 PM copyUnscented: The perfumes used in some tampons can irritate the skin and even cause infections.
  • Regular, Super or Super Plus: These are protection levels, we’ll take all varieties!
  • Applicator or No Applicator: Either! This is mostly an issue of personal preference and mobility. Some people like the “no applicator” versions because they create less waste and can easily be tucked into a pocket, but applicators are necessary for many folks with limited mobility.
  • All Natural/Organic: These are wonderful, but pricey. If you have the means to donate these, they will be appreciated — but we value donations of all types and price points equally.
  • Opened Packages: We can accept opened packages of Tampons as long as the tampons themselves are individually wrapped.

2 Packages of cotton underwear, on the left men's style briefs in various color and on the right plus sized women's style panties in white. Underwear

  • Materials: Cotton is best! It’s a natural breathable fabric that is affordable and easy to clean.
  • Styles: Traditionally both women’s and men’s styles are needed. Briefs, bikini, boyshorts, boxer briefs, we need it all!
  • Sizes: Teen and Adult sizes, the smallest and the largest adult sizes! We need a variety, cause folks who menstruate come in all shapes and sizes!
  • Second Hand Underwear: All Cycles see’s our neighbors in need as we do the neighbors who live in the homes next door to us and we encourage you to think about them in the same way. If you wouldn’t gift an item to a beloved friend — it’s probably not meant for our donation box either. Please, no donations of second hand underwear.
  • “Period Panties”: Brands like Thinx, Dear Kate’s and FannyPants are producing super absorbent underwear specifically designed to be worn during your menstrual cycle. These are wonderful, but pricey. If you have the means to donate these, they will be appreciated — but we value donations of all types and price points equally.


  • Hand Wipes or Body Wipes: Some wipes are only for cleaning your hands while others can be used all over the body! Both are helpful and we accept donations of either.
  • Travel Size or Value Packs: We accept both, but travel size are preferable because they can be easily tucked into a pocket or backpack.

Re-usable Menstrual Products

  • Menstrual Cups & Re-usable Pads: We are currently not taking donations of menstrual cups or reusable pads. We LOVE these products for their long term cost-effectiveness and friendliness to the environment, but they are not practical for many folks who do not have regular access to washrooms or laundry facilities. Additionally, the long term use of these items can cause problems for anyone who does not have permanent housing and regularly travels with their belongings limited to what will fit in a backpack.

Additional Toiletries

  • Our mission is focused on menstrual products because they are items that rarely get donated. If you wish to donate items like soap, shampoo, clothing, food, etc please make arrangements with your favorite shelter, drop in center or food bank to donate these items directly.
  • All Cycles Holiday Season Donations Delivered to Mary’s Place

    posted on Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 at 1:45 AM

    During the holiday season we received donations via our Online Wish List and from an event organized by Party For A Purpose. Even though we were not running an official drive at this time and had no drop off locations — the growing awareness of the project and the season’s tradition of goodwill allowed us to collect a booming inventory of product!

    On New Years Day, we made a delivery to Mary’s Place — of over 8,000 tampons and pads and almost 2000 body wipes.

    Mary’s place serves homeless women, children and families throughout Seattle and empowers them to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community. To learn more about how you can aid Mary’s place in their mission, visit

    All Cycles First Donation Drive Benefits Youthcare

    posted on Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 1:44 AM

    Donation being delivered to Youthcare offices.

    The beneficiary of All Cycles inaugural donation drive was one of Seattle’s most valued resources for homeless youth. YouthCare serves children from ages 12 to adults up to age 24. They offer services including specialized counseling, GED prep and high school classes, job training programs and the continuum of care that can help homeless youth to get off the streets and prepare for life.

    The Fall 2015 All Cycles donation delivery to YouthCare, supplied almost 5,000 pads and tampons, almost 2,000 wipes and 70 pairs of underwear to homeless youth in our city. To learn more about how you can support Youthcare and the important work they do for Seattle, visit